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Where aesthetics meet functionality, and art finds its way in elevated everyday living. Studio13 is a boutique design studio based out of The City of Joy. What began as a bedroom-run passion project by Neha metamorphosed into a multi-dimensional design studio when her sister, Vrinda stepped in; and together, through their works, they take you on a journey of visual storytelling that is unique and memorable
The brand at its core is a culmination of their passion for art and experiences, where they celebrate the beauty of the little things that surround us, that often goes unnoticed. 
From their memories of London, where the sister duo spent a significant part of their learning years, to their love for flowers and pastels, together, they orchestrate little snippets from their memory book into stunning keepsakes that strike a chord with their audience.

A labour of love and immense hard work, their studio is a space where creative imagination paves the way for moments and memories to enter their conceptual canvas,  which they translate into art. Whether it is their wedding projects that narrates each story in a unique and interesting way or their brand development projects where they build identities that resonate with one’s audience, Studio13 is all about creating impactful concepts that seamlessly interweaves emotions with design experiences that enrich and excite you.

Head Designer & Founder

Neha, our head designer and founder, is an artist at heart, her head full of ideas, her fingers smeared with paint and her feet, ready to explore new and unique avenues. She finds her language of expression in her works, and loves experimenting with different forms and media to continually come up with creative ways to inspire her audience.

A graduate from Symbiosis School of Design, Neha pursued her passion for visual storytelling at the London School of Communication. When a few leisurely clicked images of her first wedding card design aroused curiosity and interest amidst her peers, she realised that this indeed, is her calling, and introduced Studio13 to the world. Neha went on to design invitations, brand identities and custom tableware for world renowned personalities such as Mr Mukesh Ambani and Mr Shah Rukh Khan. However, what really excites her is a new project that gives her the freedom and platform to expand her horizons, and find answers in art. 

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Head Manager and Partner

A bit of a finance wiz, Vrinda dabbled in various business endeavours in pursuit of her calling, until she realised that her true passion lay in her sister’s studio. She brings in a fresh perspective and a keen sense of entrepreneurial finesse, and has been the principle catalyst in expanding operations and structuring the brand. 

A financial wizard bearing a passion for the stock markets, Vrinda realised that her love for numbers has naturally shaped her personality in perfect sync to her managerial commitments at Studio13. The calming force amidst the design frenzy of studio life, it is she who nurtures her sister’s creativity into concrete realities.

Together, they make a great team, a team that creates, celebrates and collaborates - the heart and soul of Studio13.

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