Coffee Mugs - set of 2

Coffee Mugs - set of 2


The Wildflower Collection

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A set of 2 Coffee Mugs perfect for a cosy coffee on your couch.


The Wildflower Collection

Pops of colour that bring generous dollops of joy to your dinner tables, here's introducing to you our first-of-its-kind collection - wildflower.


It is just how you'd imagine your flower to be. Blooming and vibrant. Tall and spirited. Painting your meals of merriment in hues of bright pinks and scarlets, interspersed with the soothing waves of the shaded sea.


Your morning coffee. Your evening tea. A dinner to remember. A luncheon tete-a-tete. 

Now brimming with verdant blossoms, and Spring everywhere.

  • Dimensions & Care

    285 ml approx


    Hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle. Microwave safe. All colours used are food safe.

  • Material

    Artisanal Clay with hand decorated designs.