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Vasant 28 Pieces Dinner set

Rs. 15,000.00 Rs. 16,500.00
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Introducing our exquisite Vasant-inspired tableware collection, designed to infuse your dining experience with the vibrant spirit of spring.

As the winter chill dissipates, the landscape bursts into a vibrant kaleidoscope of unfiltered colors. The once barren trees become adorned with delicate blossoms, and the meadows transform into a carpet of vibrant wildflowers. The sweet scent of jasmine and roses fills the air, while the playful breeze carries the songs of birds in flight.

Designed to serve 6 diners


10" Dinner Plates x 6
7" Starter Plates x 6
5" Tapas/ Dessert Plates x 6
6" Dia Serving bowls x 4
9cm smal bowls x 6 

Material: Ceramic

Wash and Care: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.

Hand wash with mild detergents. Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaning agents.

All colours used on our tableware are food safe.

Note: All our products are handmade in India. Slight variations in colours and texture are inevitable and must not be perceived as a flaw.100% food-grade (international standard). Premium quality ceramic material. Durable and sustainable
Non-toxic lead-free glaze. Scratch-resistant surface

5 / 5

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

My friends recommended Studio13's tableware, so I gave it a shot. This Vasant collection is pure love. My in-laws love it so much. Very satisfied with my order!

Amaira Jain

I own two sets of this brand - one from Vintage and the other from Gulistan. Every time I have guests, my relatives nalways ask where I got these stunning pieces from.


I found Studio13's tableware collection online and decided to give it a try. It's even better than I expected. I'm really happy with my purchase